Auto circular cutting M/C SS-CCU1090

Fast and continuous accurate cutting circular saw blade automatic cutter.

Image : Auto circular cutting M/C

옵션: Circular saw blade, Horizontal Type, 45˚ Type

01 Features

    • Feeding Vise
    • Feeding Vise
      Hydraulic Tilting·Shifting function
    • Vise Jaw
    • Vise Jaw
    • Headstock:
    • Headstock:
      High stiffiness and precision Spindle
    • Optimized design
    • Optimized design
      Through stress and vibration analysis optimized to implement excellent durability, precision cutting and elegancy.

02 Capability


Processing range Profile ○●(Φ10~90mm), ■(10~75mm)
Length 6~600mm, remnant(50mm)
Accuracy ±0.1mm
Capacity 1,800ea/Hr (Φ19×3t×100L, Cutting 2 Pipes at the same time)

03 Options

  1. Headstock Type : 45˚Type / Horizontal type
  2. Saw Blade Diameter : Φ285mm, Φ315mm(Carbide, HSS)
  3. Automatic supplying equipment : material length 3~7m
  4. Blade Cooling Nozzle : Vortex tube / Cold Air Gun (Oil mist included)
  5. Automatic chip pickup conveyor